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Our mission is to continue the long-term study of the ecology,

natural history, and conservation of killer whales off the coast of California.

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We are a group of volunteers with an immense passion for the ocean, especially orcas! We have been collecting data since 1987! It is our responsibility to continue the study and conservation of orcas and promote awareness about these incredible cetaceans.

Some of our big projects include continuing our long-term population study of orcas, looking into predation patterns and cultural transmission, and working with other nonprofit groups to delay salmon fishing in Monterey and bring awareness to dumping sites and pollution off the California coast.

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Here you will find research catalogs, presentations, and more.


Explore the CKWP orca encounters over the years.


Interested in who is behind the science?  Get to know us!

Our research is made possible by donors like you.  We cannot thank you enough.

You can get involved by joining our researchers in collecting visual data on orcas by becoming a volunteer today.  Ready to join?

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