Encounter #3


Location: West of Marina
# of killer whales: 5

ID: CA140B (Louise), CA140B1 (Stinger), CA140B2 (Bee), CA140B3 (Buzz), CA23A2

We received a report from our 10AM boat that there were killer whales right inside the bay on Christmas Eve! Our research team jumped on our smaller boat to go out and observe the killer whales. Before we got there, CA140B, Louise, and her family were hunting sea lions. Louise and CA23A2 still seemed to be helping the three young offspring practice hunting sea lions, gearing up for the upcoming gray whale season!

Once we reached the killer whales, we ended up losing them for just over an hour, but we didn’t give up! We eventually found the killer whales again, who had headed most East than we had thought. We continued to observe them traveling and milling as the sun was starting to set, making for some beautiful photos.

This group was the CA140Bs – Louise with her three youngsters, 7-year-old CA140B1 (Stinger), 3-year-old CA140B2 (Little) Bee, and 1-year-old CA140B3 (Buzz). There was another whale in this group, which we identified as CA23A2. This seems to be a relatively new relationship – CA23A2 hanging out with the CA140Bs. CA23A2 may now be orphaned; we have not seen many of her family members for some time. This seems to be a great group for CA23A2 to have joined, being with an experienced older female and also being able to help Louise out with babysitting sometimes!

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