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Encounter 19

On Sunday, the orcas were still feeding on the same gray whale carcass from the predation event on the 23rd.

Encounter 19

Gray whale calves are an extremely important food source for orcas in this area. They fed on this same whale for four consecutive days, which goes to show how just one calf can provide for these apex predators, including all 15 of these orcas!

One of our largest males, CA51B Orion, also breached right in front of us! It was incredible to see such a large whale breaching right next to the boat.

Photos by Daniel Bianchetta

Photo 1: CA51B “Orion” breaching!

Photo 2: CA140Bs with some CA51s, a mixing of families!

Photo 3: beautiful close up

Photo 4: tail throw!

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