Nancy Black

CEO & Director of Research for CKWP

Nancy Black has been studying killer whales in Monterey Bay since the late 1980s. She has been on several other research projects, including spotted dolphin research off the Bahamas, aerial surveys with Cascadia Research Collective, fieldwork on Alaskan Killer Whales, and as a primary investigator with Oceanic Society. Her true passion is studying the amazing Orcas in Monterey Bay and she and several colleagues came out with their first California Killer Whale Catalogue in 1997. She has an M.S. degree from Moss Landing Marine Labs, where she focused on studying Pacific White-sided Dolphin. She has been featured in several nature documentaries, including BBC’s Blue Planet Series, National Geographic specials, PBS specials, and Animal Planet segments. She also has co-authored many scientific papers.

Her goal for California Killer Whale Project is to continue studying these social and dynamic whales off of California and help to preserve their population.