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Jared Towers

Scientific Advisor

Jared’s work primarily revolves around studying the movements, behaviour, abundance, and ecology of cetacean populations using direct observations and remote sensor technology. He typically spends over 100 days a year at sea conducting field research on killer whales in both hemispheres, but has also been involved in studies on minke, humpback, fin, sei, blue, grey, and sperm whales in the North Pacific, South Atlantic, and Southern Oceans.

Jared manages Bigg's (Transient) and Northern Resident Killer Whale population datasets for the Canadian government, helps advise or direct several other cetacean research and conservation organizations in North America, has published several scientific articles, and in addition to conducting conservation based field research also responds to cetacean incidents such as entanglements, entrapments, and strandings.

Jared Towers
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